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Former Students, Educational Institutions and authorized 3rd parties can now request transcripts and education verifications online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an official high school transcript?

An official transcript is stamped with a raised seal and signed. It is an official copy of a student′s academic history. The transcript is considered “unofficial” when the seal on the envelope is broken.

What is an unofficial high school transcript?

We don′t provide unofficial transcripts to former students.

How much does it cost to order a high school transcript?

The cost is $7 for former students. The cost is $10.95 for third party requesters (Colleges, Universities, Agencies, Employers).

How much does it cost to order a graduation verification?

The cost is $10.95 to provide graduation verification services to a third party.

How long does it take to process a transcript request?

The normal processing time is five to ten working days.

Can you confirm when my college has received my transcript?

A confirmation email will be sent from the Fremont Union High School District confirming that your transcript has been mailed to the college of your choice. We cannot confirm when a particular college actually processes the transcript. Please be aware that in busy time colleges and universities may take several days to process transcripts.

What is included in a Graduation Verification?

The Graduation Verification Service verifies a former student′s name, school of attendance, dates of attendance and date of graduation.

Where can I get my GED or Adult Education Diploma?

As of January 2005 Educational Testing Service (ETS) - GED Records Center handles all requests for duplicate records in California call Toll-free 866-370-4740. If you are interesting in pursuing a GED or Adult Education Diploma, please contact our Adult and Community Education Department (ACE) at (408) 522-2700.

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